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Welcome to PHF’s Electronic Billing Solutions

As we move into an era where financial transactions are increasingly carried out electronically – Debit and Credit Cards, PayPal, mobile phone etc – it is not surprising that the private health industry is also looking at ways to become more electronic.  Bupa Health Funding is asking all consultants to invoice electronically, so now is the time to look at how you can bill all insurers electronically.

Don’t worry there are big benefits to you!!  It means no postage costs, it means your invoices are processed far more promptly and no longer will invoices to insurers be “Lost” in the post!  Do not forget that sending a duplicate for a lost invoice will end up costing you £1 in postage alone not to mention the time wasted raising it! (CLICK HERE to see all those insurers that will accept electronic invoices)

Whether you (or your secretary) want to continue to carry out all of your invoicing (do it yourself) and you’re looking for a software solution or you think that now is the time to find someone to take that billing hassle off your hands (get someone else to do it) PHF have the best solution.


  • BILL-e – PHF’s software has been designed specifically to provide you with the tool to fulfil your electronic billing requirements – Click Here – to see how this software can revolutionise the way you invoice


  • i-BILL & i-BILL Lite – PHF’s in-house billing service has over 9 years track record of managing the finances for private practitioners and has processed hundreds of thousands of invoices over this time. PHF can provide you with an end to end Invoicing, collections and reconciliation service or their "Lite" service, the perfect solution if all you want is someone to convert your paper invoices to electronic ones. – Click Here – to see how i-BIL & i-BILL Lite can provide you with your financial management needs


Many consultants are already enjoying the benefits of billing Bupa and other insurers electronically. It is simple and efficient for you and your practice and the insurers.


CLICK HERE to know more about PHF’s BILL-e Software

CLICK HERE to know more about PHF’s i-BILL & i-BILL Lite In-house Billing Services


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