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Billing Services

As we move into an era where financial transactions are increasingly carried out electronically – Debit and Credit Cards, PayPal, mobile phone etc – it is not surprising that the private health industry is also looking at ways to become more electronic. Bupa Health Funding is asking all consultants to invoice electronically, so now is the time to look at how you can bill all insurers electronically.

Don’t worry there are big benefits to you!! It means no postage costs, it means your invoices are processed far more promptly and no longer will invoices to insurers be “Lost” in the post! Do not forget that sending a duplicate for a lost invoice will end up costing you £1 in postage alone not to mention the time wasted raising it!

Whether you (or your secretary) want to continue to carry out all of your invoicing (do it yourself) and you’re looking for a software solution or you think that now is the time to find someone to take that billing hassle off your hands (get someone else to do it) PHF have the best solution.

Many consultants are already enjoying the benefits of billing Bupa and other insurers electronically. It is simple and efficient for you and your practice and the insurers.

Watch our demo to see the simplicity of
the BILL-e Software.


PHF’s software has been designed specifically to provide you with the tool to fulfil your electronic billing requirements.

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PHF’s in-house billing service has over 9 years track record of managing the finances for private practitioners and has processed hundreds of thousands of invoices over this time. PHF can provide you with an end to end Invoicing, collections and reconciliation service.

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i-BILL Lite

PHF can provide you with their “Lite” service, the perfect solution if all you want is someone to convert your paper invoices to electronic ones.

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Online Service

All of PHF’s services are supported by a website, accessible through a secure login area from a standard dial-up or broadband Internet connection.

Watch our demo to see how this could
revolutionise your practice.

Diary Management

Sending invoices, collecting fees and reconciling payments. Your patients will quickly get to know your dedicated practice team of three – one practice manager and two assistants.

This means your practice is always accessible and personal.

We don’t like voicemails and nor do your patients!

By the way, you also don’t need to worry about managing staff, covering for holidays or sickness and whether your patient is going to show up or not.
That’s our job.

Here are the main functions of your diary management service:

  • Answering all calls in your name
  • Registering all new patients electronically
  • Providing a patient service for specific queries and concerns
  • Booking appointments for patients according to your clinic locations, dates and times
  • Sending text and email reminders to all patients prior to appointments
  • Locating the whereabouts of all referral letters, scans, x-rays and test results
  • Coordinating clinics
  • Booking theatre sessions and arranging all logistics
  • Producing and sending clinic lists
  • Scanning and archiving all relevant documents
  • We have invested heavily in state-of-the-art technology and as a result we are able to provide you with a truly paperless practice.

Every relevant piece of information is stored and accessed via a secure website – patient details and letters and your diary.

Letter Production

Transcribing, producing and sending clinical letters and reports.

Getting quick and accurate letters will really impress the people most important to you – patients and referrers

And because you will be using digital technology over the internet, you can dictate, upload and approve your letters when and wherever it suits you. After all, your time is particularly precious to you.

Here are the main functions of your letter production service:

  • Allowing you to upload your dictations securely through your practice website at your convenience
  • Returning your transcriptions for approval the next day
  • Allowing you to review, modify and approve your transcriptions on-line whenever it suits you
  • Creating your letters using your own letter-head and digital signature
  • Sending letters out to the relevant people
  • Archiving all letters in the electronic patient record within 2 days of receiving your approval.