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BILL-e – PHF’s Electronic Billing Software

BILL-e Software is the solution for you, easy to download and cost effective to use BILL-e software gives you the tool to carry out all of your billing needs.
At PHF we realise that this may feel like a step into the unknown so here are a few Q & A’s that we hope will help alleviate any concerns you may have:-


Q:    I don’t use any practice management software so will the “BILL-e” software be easy to use?
A:    Yes, to see how easy it is watch our online user presentation CLICK HERE, and if you are still worried perhaps i-BILL, PHF’s In-house Billing Service, may better suit your needs CLICK HERE to go to our i-BILL page.

Q:    I already use a software package to manage my practice can I still use the BILL-e software?
A:    Yes, you can.  BILL-e will operate completely independently of any software you currently run.

Q:    If I decide that the BILL-e Software is the solution for me how easy is it to get set up and running?
A:    Very!  Simply click the appropriate link at the bottom of this page and fill in the details requested.  Once completed all the insurers will be contacted and confirmation requested that they will accept electronic invoices from you (this can take up to a few weeks). Once this confirmation has been received we will send you a link from which you can download and install the BILL-e Software and separately we will send you your user name and password and you can start billing!

Q:    Software packages can be expensive with large licence fees and on-going monthly charges, how do PHF charge for their BILL-e Software?
A:    PHF believe that costly licence fees are unfair for those who may use the software for a limited number of invoices so we have chosen to offer our software for free!  We then request that you “Load” your account with a number of Invoicing Credits (i-credits) which you can purchase on-line during the sign up process; this will allow you to process a set number of invoices depending on the number of credits purchased. This is our “Pre Pay” option; we also have an annual “Contract” option which allows you to pay up front for unlimited invoices CLICK HERE to see our full BILL-e pricing schedule.

Q:    If I use my own practice management software for everything other than billing will I have to enter all the patient details again into the BILL-e software?
A:    Yes and No!  To raise an invoice for a patient that has not been entered into BILL-e before will require a minimum data set to be entered, however once the patient is in the BILL-e system you will only ever have to enter relevant code details for subsequent appointments or treatments.

Q:    What happens if I have any problems entering invoices into BILL-e?
A:    There is an on-line help function however you can always call the PHF BILL-e helpline and we will help you overcome the problem.

CLICK HERE to sign up for PHF’s BILL-e Software

CLICK HERE to sign up for PHF’s i-BILL In-house Billing Service


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